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After graduating at Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City, I ended up acting and choreographing in Shakespeare and other plays. Back in Canada, I’ve hit the Fringe Festival and have contributed to voiceovers and audio books and have done a plethora of teleprompter work. I have what might seem like an endless reel of short films, and I've just finished shooting a principal role this fall in a feature film. Let's skip all the years I trained as a dancer in jazz, ballet, tap and belly dance and start with competing/dancing in the U.S as an American Rhythm dancer, I trained with the top coaches throughout the U.S., Canada and the world. I ended up teaching in NY and at one point was teaching 15 wedding couples at once! I choreographed dance routines in plays that I also acted in and even dared to choreograph for a bunch of zombies! One of the coolest and most rewarding teaching gigs I ever had was with figure skaters, they worked their buns off. And the thrill of watching young kids get better and better always made my day. I have even had the privilege to create the ‘look’ and choreography for singers that need to look their best on stage with the band. With all this experience in hand, I have been able to coach Instagram influencers to help them make the most out of their videos. Using technical exercises to help them with pronunciation, vocabulary, inflections and tempo. With my help, my clients have been able to better connect to their audiences through improved storytelling at multiple levels.

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